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What clients have told us on return from their barge cruises ...

Anjodi Comments:

On a scale of 1-10, it was 10++++! A very unususal, different way to vacation. Bathrooms very sufficient. Loved all the barge decor and lovely table settings every evening.
-- L.J., NJ, USA, aboard Anjodi

Athos Comments:

Wonderful. My Mom and I had a great time. The crew were so wonderful and helpful. The food was so good and they took care of me being a veggie. Cabins were bigger than we thought and the baths had big sinks. I would do this again.
-- K.W., Aboard Athos

Especially well organized with excellent Captain and Hostess and an exceptional crew. Our expectations were very high and we were not disappointed. The service was absolutely tops. Julie and Lindsey are both intelligent and competent young ladies with an attitude that was friendly and helpful and added a lot the the enjoyment to our trip. Rob is a chef of the highest quality and we felt lucky to have him prepare our food. Dannielle is a delightful hostess, so well organized so well prepared, and such an easy person to be around.
-- D.S., WA, USA, aboard Athos

We loved it. We are all boating peole and for us these cabins were very luxurious - particularly because they were big compared to other charters we've enjoyed. No surprise, since this is a barge rather than a sailboat. The food was wonderful - to have such a wonderful chef for 8 people was such an unexpected treat. The crew and Danielle were so nice and accomodating and helpful. We loved the trips in the mornings to places like Carcassonne - nice to have a car. We were very glad that we reserved the barge to ourselves. It was nice to have the extra space.
-- L.S., CA, USA, aboard Athos

La Belle Epoque Comments:

Absolutely super. Just wonderful. The crew was wonderful. Enjoyed gourmet cooking and kidding the chef. They took us on tours daily, and all were very very good. Scenery was beautiful and had gorgeous weather. Cabins were very good.
-- M.G. WI, USA, aboard La Belle Epoque

La Chouette Comments:

Everything was fabulous. Bob and Bobbie were great! We had no idea the food was going to be such a gourmet experience--it gave us a chance to do something we would never have done otherwise. That aspect might be emphasized to future clients--the quality of the restaurant stops and the whole gourmet experience.
-- M.C., Aboard La Chouette

Clair de Lune Comments:

The trip was everything we had hoped for and more. The ambience was spectacular -- beautiful scenery, relaxing, great food, extremely comfortable boat and a friendly, efficient and informed crew.
-- A.B., Aboard Clair de Lune

The most amazing vacation we have ever had! You have put together a wonderful and very professional group of people. They not only went above and beyond on our behalf, but they were the friendliest and most accommodating people we have had the pleasure of dealing with. I thoroughly enjoyed the impromtu cooking classes. It was great to not just enjoy the food, but learn something also. When we left, we felt like we were saying goodbye to friends. You should be very proud of this group of people. They always went above and beyond to make us happy.
-- D.F., ON, Canada, aboard Clair de Lune

La Dolce Vita Comments:

Every meal was fabulous. Eros is such a talented chef. You can tell he loves his work. The wine and cheese w. meals was also great and varied. In addition, Leon took us for a flight of reds at a local wine bar...terrific local wines and sausage/ham of duck and goose. That's pretty hard to top!
-- A.B., NY, USA, aboard La Dolce Vita

Elisabeth Comments:

We would just like to thank you once again for the stunning few days that we had the privilege to spend with you all on your wonderfully comfortable and well appointed barge, and for the way you made us feel part of the family! You absolutely went out of your way to make sure that the modified itinerary we had requested on short notice suited us and our three boys (despite it being different from you normal schedule!), and yet you made sure that we got to experience almost everything during our slightly condensed trip!! We have had an experience that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!!! From the tranquil canal cruising, the customised menus and wonderful meals (so thoughtfully catering for the boys' tastes as well!), the adventure visits to the Caves D'Arcy, the river kayaking on the Yonne, the tree climbing, the visit to the amazing Guedelon building site, the relaxed cycling into the surrounding villages and along the beautiful unspoilt French countryside, digging for fossils (and finding them!), taking care of the children while the men were out kayaking, to gracing us with your company at the sumptuous Captain's dinner on Thursday evening, you made sure that we had the adventure of a lifetime!
-- P.G., South Afica, Elisabeth

Emma Comments:

Excellent trip, in the greatest comfort, with superb food and drink, served with professional flare. The organisation was calm and unobtrusive with schedules arranged as though we had all the time in the world, which we did but we could have done with more. Renee and Liz, Megan & SiSi all looked after our every wish.
-- J.S., Aboard Emma

This was an experience of a lifetime and Liz and Rene were the perfect hosts. I couldn't possibly think of anything more they could have possibly done. They were lovely, kind, facilitating and terribly charming people. The young man, Christophe, who was working as the guide was such a wonderful human being.
-- S.A., CA, USA, aboard Emma

It was an absolutely fabulous trip. Rene and Liz were wonderful hosts and did everything to make sure we had a perfect vacation. We had everything we needed right at our finger tips.
-- S.A., CA, USA aboard Emma

Every meal was special. "This is the best thing I have ever eaten" was repeated often. Very interesting local foods were served and our tastes were taken into account. Cheese selection was varied and delicious. Wines were abundant and very good, several rising to the excellent category, just right for our tastes. Several unique and delicious after dinner drinks were served, if what you wanted was not on board it would be shortly (They had everything we wanted).
-- J.C., PA, USA, aboard Emma

The barge was lovely, very comfortable. The food and wine were excellent and the crew were pleasant and helpful. There was great storage space for clothes, even a hanging closet, which is unexpected on a boat. The bathrooms were great with wonderful water pressure and plenty of hot water.
-- L.N., ME, USA, aboard Emma

Just wonderful. It was just the right balance of activity and laid back relaxation in great setting with outstanding hosts and accomodations. Service was faultless. Everything ran very smoothly but more important was the positive attitude of our hosts and crew. You felt much more like special family friends than host and guests.
-- R.F., ME, USA, aboard Emma

Esprit Comments:

Fabulous! Anne and each member of her team rate the highest marks for their professionalism, style and kindness. Exceeded expectations. We particularly enjoyed the great selection of music, deck chairs and tables, and bicycles.
-- N.D., GA, USA, aboard Esprit

Fandango Comments:

Loved it! Great scenery, interesting side trips and more food than one could possibly consume!
-- L.D., Aboard Fandango

L'Art de Vivre Comments:

I really think the staff are excellent, and they obviously enjoy their job, which makes for a successful trip and puts travellers at their ease.
-- M.O., aboard L'Art de Vivre

Lorraine Comments:

We're writing to thank you for all your help in setting up our trip to Alsace. The barge was wonderful, the staff super and the passengers delightful. The beauty of the countryside overwhelmed us as did the French chef's cooking.
-- B.H., Aboard Lorraine

Luciole Comments:

Our trip on the Luciole was wonderfully relaxing, refreshing and a gastronomical delight. The boat was well maintained and appointed. Most of our time was enjoyed in the salon, on deck, walking, biking or exploring the beauty of the villages and countryside. We would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants a relaxing vacation and enjoy the local wines and flavors of France.
-- G.C., Luciole

Marjorie II Comments:

It was beyond all our expectations!!! The crew was very friendly and yet they were all very professional. We all wanted Dave, the chef to follow us home so that we could continue to enjoy the fabulous meals. We were three generations and everyone had a wonderful time.
-- D.K., Aboard Marjorie II

The trip exceeded our expectations and all 12 of us had a great experience.
-- B.B., Aboard Marjorie II

The barge trip more than exceeded our expectations and was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience from beginning to end, largely due to the excellence of the crew.
-- J.S., Aboard Marjorie II

Meanderer Comments:

Fabulous. The barge, our accommodations, our gracious hosts, and congenial crew all met or exceeded our expectations.
-- P.W., Aboard Meanderer

Absolutely fabulous and perfect in every way.
-- J.G., Aboard Meanderer

Relaxing and lovely. Great food and lovely accomodations. Crew was superb.
-- L.W., Aboard Meanderer

This barge trip was lovely. Especially nice to be with an owner-captain. Friendly efficient crew and a fabulous French chef.
-- S.M., Aboard Meanderer

First rate; helpful, responsive and friendly.
-- P.W., Aboard Meanderer

Could not have been better! Crew was wonderful. Barge was spectacular. Barge was very clean. Fresh towels all the time. Crew was very attentive & easy to get along with which was great. The best barge we have been on. Would definitely recommend any barge operated by Phil (the owner) & would definitely rebook on the Meanderer in the future.
-- E.T., MA, USA, aboard Meanderer

La Nouvelle Etoile Comments:

Staff was wonderful! Accomodations very comfortable and spacious. Food exceptional. Scenery and landscape serene, breathtaking at times. The barge was impeccably clean and decorated beautifully. Everything seemed first class, including the bicycles which we had great use for and much fun riding through the countryside and villages (probably my favorite part of the trip).
-- M.S., IL, USA, aboard La Nouvelle Etoile

Nymphea Comments:

I have been traveling on business and pleasure for some 45 years. This will have to have been mine and my wife's most memorable travel experience in all aspects. Besides the excellent meals, which would compare favorably with some of the best meals we have experienced in Paris and New York, we had the pleasure of savoring a variety of some eighteen cheeses and sixteen wines. I was so impressed I asked for a listing to take back with me to share with friends. We also found facinating the description of the wines and cheeses provided by the very knowledgeable staff. Unfortunately, we will never find any of these cheeses in the United States ...maybe some of the wines.
-- R.H., CT, USA, aboard Nymphea

Phenician Comments:

The service was fantastic. there was no need un-met. Everyone should go on this trip at least once in their lifetime. It was beautiful.
-- J.K., FL, USA, aboard Le Phenician

The barge was beautiful, so well appointed and luxurious. What a fantasic job Bertrand, Marc and his father did in renovating an old working barge into something so great and special.
-- I.M., aboard Le Phenicien

Prosperite Comments:

It will be hard to surpass this experience or even come close. Excellent--Kelsey, Eric, Ann, Rejane, Jonathan and Spencer could not have been more pleasant and delightful.
-- S.N., NJ, USA, aboard Prosperite

Eric is a wonderful cook, and the wine choices were top-notch and provided an excellent overview of the range of choices available. I am a critical guy, and always have some criticism in me. But this is a first for me, as I have none to offer. There's not one thing I would change. The whole experience from first contact with you to the drop-off at our hotel, rated a 10 out of 10.
-- J.M., FL, USA, aboard Prosperite

Renaissance (formerly known as Bonne Humeur) Comments:

Very interesting and well choreographed, the chosen guides were very knowledgeable and informative. The wines were well chosen and the meals well prepared and beautifully presented.
-- D.S., CA, USA, aboard Bonne Humeur (now called Renaissance)

Fantastic. Barge was great, staff just super, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The chef was unbelievable, and Gerrard was a great host, driver, guide, wine steward, etc.
-- D.T., VA, USA, aboard Bonne Humeur (now called Renaissance)

Roi Soleil Comments:

It was a trip of a lifetime. An experience that was so wonderful, it is hard to put into words. We will never forget our special time on the Roi Soleil. The cruising was beyond beautiful. We had to pinch ourselves- it was like a fairytale. Seeing castles off in the distance, fields of vineyards, and witnessing the spring poppies was hypnotizing.
-- P.E., Aboard Roi Soleil

Everyone was so helpful. It seemed that everyone in your office was working on making our trip perfect.
-- P.E., Aboard Roi Soleil

Saroche Comments:

Absolutely outstanding. We were immediately made to feel at home. All of the crew were personable, polite, helpful. Each of them were ideally suited to their tasks. I can't imagine any crew doing it better.
-- J.A., Aboard Saroche

Absolutely first class. Outstanding in every regard.
-- H.G., Aboard Saroche

The barge trip turned out to be even more wonderful than we expected. We were very surprised at how much we loved the barge. We couldn't wait to get back to the barge when we were out. We loved the trips down the canals and we were entranced by the wilderness of the Carmargue region. The service and attention to detail on the barge was spectacular. We loved the "cottage" feel of the decor and the relaxing atmosphere, while the experience of the food, wine, and service was nothing but elegant. On top of that, we loved their music collection. We will always remember cruising and listening to great music. Kevin and Jody and the crew, made us feel welcome from the moment we were picked up at the train. They made us feel completely at home on the barge and we felt like they became dear friends.
-- B.G., NY, USA, aboard Saroche

Savoir Faire Comments:

The barge trip on the Savoir Faire was awesome!! The entire trip was well beyond all our expectations. Captain Chris and Fran were the perfect host and hostess - very attentive to all our needs and very warm and caring to our entire family. They were very intelligent and knowledgeable and great to talk to about so many things. They became part of our family. Our children and grandchildren were thrilled and delighted with every aspect of the trip.
-- T.C., Aboard Savoir Faire

The whole barge trip was extraordinary and the perfect vacation for celebrating a 70th birthday. What a perfect way to travel with our entire family (14 in all). Please extend a thank you and lots of love to all aboard the Savoir Faire. We loved every minute of our trip. Thank you!
-- T.C., Aboard Savoir Faire

Who Knows Comments:

Dawn and Jason did a wonderful job. They made us feel very welcome and did their best to look after our every wish. We hope they enjoyed the cruise as much as we did and we wish them both much luck!
-- J.C., BC, aboard Who Knows

About Special Places Travel ... and the service we provide to clients

If you would like to experience one of the best vacations imaginable, contact us and we will help you decide which barge cruise best matches your interests and your calendar. The crew, cuisine, and countryside combine to create the stage for a lifetime memory for those cruising aboard the hotel barges in France and the rest of Europe. The comments, above, give you a sense of the high level of satisfaction our clients have had with their cruises and of how they have felt about our services. Hotel Barge Cruises are our ONLY business, with some 26 combined staff years first-hand experience aboard hotel barges in France and the rest of Europe.

See the remarks, below, for our clients' comments about the level of service we have provided to make their barge cruise special.

What our clients say about Special Places Travel:

We felt that Special Places Travel provided more service to us then we have come to expect from travel agents. You answered your phone when other agents were out for the weekend and then placed a call to Alegria in France to arrange our tour in a very timely manner. We appreciated the side information which you provided for which you received no fee. Your suggestions on sites to check for airfares yielded us business class seats at a major discount. Thank you. I would definitely recommend you to others.
-- D.W. Aboard Alegria

Special Places Travel was extraordinarily helpful from beginning to end - not just in helping us to choose the right barge, but also in INSISTING that we provide detailed comments on our special interests and enthusiasms. It was quite clear that the barge crew had taken our comments seriously and made significant adjustments to the plans for touring. So too, the food and wine selections were also adjusted to reflect our preferences and our prejudices. If Special Places Travel had not been so insistent that we act in our own self-interest, we would have missed the opportunity to make the trip uniquely our own. Thank you, Special Places Travel!
-- B.R. Aboard Alouette

The service you gave us was great. I made many phone calls and your help was important to me. Thanks!
-- K.W., Aboard Athos

We travel a lot, and even went on another barge trip a couple of years ago, which we also enjoyed, but my husband and I agree that this was one of our best vacations ever. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you to Special Places Travel and thank you to Leigh, Petrus and Christina.
-- A.W., Aboard Nymphea

The information we received from Special Places Travel was well considered and quite informative.
-- J.S., Aboard Marjorie II

Sally kept us very well informed on the general information on the trip sending us many e-mails. We all got these very comprehensive and beautiful Cruise Packages that contained all that we needed to know about the barge and all the activities and the itinerary of the trip. We thought the service was great.
-- T.C., Aboard Savior Faire

Thank you to you Don and Sally for your excellent comprehensive understanding of the barging experience in France, you were a pleasure to work with and the standard and quality of the barges was really brilliant and went beyond my client's expectation!! Your service and professionalism is of exemplary standards.
-- V.G., Travel Agent, Clients Aboard Absoluut2

Excellent. By the time we were completing all the final details, I felt I really knew Lori and Don. They were helpful in every way and answered or got the answers to all our questions.
-- D.K., Aboard Marjorie II

Excellent service. Good phone contact (for explanations and advice); accurate info; good email followup. I felt very secure in booking this trip online.
-- A.B., Aboard Luciole

Wonderful. We called or e-mailed them with questions so many times and they responded to us immediately and had all the right answers for us. The packet of information they send us prior to the trip was wonderful... informative, we felt like we knew what we were about to venture into.
-- M.M., Aboard Hirondelle

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